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Q What information should I include in regards to my alloy wheel enquiry in Bexhill On Sea?

A Having as much information concerning your alloy wheel will improve the service to you in Bexhill On Sea.

For example alloy wheel brand, finish, type of all alloy wheel will allow us to quickly source high quality tools and parts needed for the alloy wheel repair or refurbishment.

Q What is the difference between alloy wheel repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment in Bexhill On Sea?

A Alloy wheel repairs Bexhill On Sea is for severe damage to your alloy wheels e.g. cracking, buckling and dented wheels. This service is offered by insured couriers as specialist workshop equipment and methods such as welding is required.

Alloy wheel refurbishment Bexhill On Sea is a mobile service by fully trained technicians for minor alloy wheel damage e.g. cosmetic, scratches and scuffs.

Please select the right option so the right team can contact you back during business hours.

Q Does the team offer trade solutions for alloy wheel repairs in Bexhill On Sea?

A Yes the network of alloy wheel repair specialists for Bexhill On Sea in East Sussex offer trade solutions for car dealerships, insurance companies and fleets of any size.

Please enquire via the alloy wheel form for further information on the services that the team can provide.

Alloy Wheel Repairs Bexhill On Sea

Alloy wheel repair Bexhill On Sea
Choose this service for severe damage to your alloy wheel in Bexhill On Sea e.g. pot hole damage, cracked, broken, buckled, spilt and bent wheels.

We offer this specialist service via insured couriers.

Alloy wheel refurbishment Bexhill On Sea
Choose a refurbishment if your alloy wheels in Bexhill On Sea have minor scuffs, chip damage, kerb damage, scrapes or require painting and polishing.

We aim to offer a mobile service for East Sussex covering alloy wheel refurbishment.

Arrange your alloy wheel repair and refurbishment in Bexhill On Sea
Please fill in our form so we can contact you back to discuss your alloy wheel service.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Bexhill On Sea

If you are looking to get your alloy wheels repaired or refurbished near Bexhill On Sea we can help.

For minor alloy wheel damage such as scratches or minor dents we can offer mobile alloy wheel refurbishment covering Bexhill On Sea.

If the alloy wheel is heavily damaged e.g. bent, corroded, steel rim damage then a repair via courier collection and delivery is necessary.

The alloy wheel specialists will assess the damage to your wheels and decide what method will be required to get the best finish.

Affordable alloy wheel repair for Bexhill On Sea covering the following:

• Buckled wheels
• Dent wheels
• Pot hole damage rims
• Cracked alloys

Alloy wheel refurbishment in Bexhill On Sea for:

• Scratched wheels
• Chip damage wheels
• Scuffed alloy wheels
• Alloy wheel painting
• Kerb damaged wheels

The are just some of the alloy wheel problems that the team can repair. Please note that severe alloy wheel damage i.e. heavily buckled, pot hole damage and dented wheels is not covered by the mobile service.

We offer alloy wheel repairs for almost any alloy wheel size (please include this information in the enquiry) including:

• 15 inch
• 16 inch
• 17 inch
• 18 inch
• 19 inch
• 20 inch
• 22 inch
• 24 inch

We offer alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment for all major manufacturers of alloy wheels in the UK market.

Below is the process for most alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment.

• We will take the alloy wheels off your vehicle and take the tyres off if required
• An assessment on the wheel will be carried out
• We will repair the wheel using different techniques depending on the damage
• The wheel will be primed first to stop corrosion
• We can put the wheel under infra-red lighting and will do this numerous times
• We will apply lacquer to the wheel and polish it to ensure a high quality finish

We offer other services for diamond cut alloy wheels and split rims.

The team pride themselves on the exceptional customer service and competitive alloy wheel repair quotes as shown on the testimonials page.

Book a alloy wheel repair or refurbishment for Bexhill On Sea
Get in touch with us today to see what solution we can offer you for alloy wheels in Bexhill On Sea. You can do this by filling in the alloy wheel form and leaving a description of the damage to your car alloy wheels.

Recent enquires

about a month ago i had some corrosion on my alloy removed after it was causing the tyre to slowly deflate over time. removing the supposed corrosion worked but the tyre is now a month later slowly deflating again. im guessing its either more erosion or possibly a crack in the alloy and wondered if i could bring the car to you for someone to have a look

Hannah | Lewisham, London

18 slight kurbing refurbished in gloss black

Matt | Louth, Lincolnshire

internal rim bent slightly causing tyre to leak air.

N | Chingford, London

hi i have x4 325ti alloys needing refurbishment. all curbed. could you provide me with a quote many thankschris

Chris | Woodbridge, Suffolk

22 wheels buckled and 1 cracked

Julian | Holyhead, Anglesey

repair kerb damage on 4 wheels and colour change from silver to charcoalanthracite

Patrick | Egham, Surrey